2015 Fun Day Highlights

2015 BAJA Fun Day was held Friday, January 9th from 1 - 4 PM

The success of the 2nd Annual BAJA Fun Day was made possible with the energy of so many BAJA members; from planning, creating, setting up, operating and participating in the 12 events. 


Many thanks to a whole lot of BAJA people, and their guests, who made this year's BAJA Fun Day so wonderful and such a huge success!


Please enjoy the slideshow on the left of 'fun' pictures from this year's event.


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  • Click a play button (above) and listen to one of the tunes while you scroll.

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Click on the buttons below to get the individual and team results from this year's competition.


Wally Towne

President, BAJA Board of Directors

Fun Day Founder & Organizer

(520) 334-7237