BAJA Board of Directors

President - Jim Brewer

Cell (520) 971-6449

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Article V – Board of Directors and Club Officers


The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) club members.  The officers of The Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.  In addition, three (3) Members at Large shall be included in the Board of Directors.  All Directors and Officers must be members of The Club in good standing.  The Officers will perform the duties as prescribed by the By-laws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by The Club. 

1st Vice President - Bob Hoyler

Cell (781) 424-5233

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2nd Vice President - Alan Welsch

Cell (630) 253-8578

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Purpose - BAJA’s core purpose is to develop and maintain activities for seniors, 50 and older, which enhance their retirement years through participation in competitive sports programs and their involvement in community projects which benefit southern Pima County residents.


Vision - BAJA’s vision is to be regarded as the "Best Senior Sports Club" in southern Pima County by enriching members’ lives with opportunities to participate in organized, competitive senior sporting activities and involving concerned members in social and civic activities that benefit both themselves and local communities.


Mission - BAJA’s mission is to help active seniors enrich their lives by providing the "Best in Sports" recreational programs and social activities.  The organization strives to maintain a focused commitment to developing public recreational facilities which meet or exceed the community’s needs, while helping interested seniors achieve a diverse and satisfying life style.  In addition to facilitating senior sporting activities, BAJA members will routinely be available to assist Green Valley and surrounding area residents with their charitable events, civic programs, and community projects that improve conditions for everyone involved.


Position - Each Board Member (Director) will support the core purpose, vision and mission of BAJA Sporting Club, Inc. (the Club) by providing mission-based leadership, fiduciary oversight, and strategic governance.  While day-to-day BAJA operations are coordinated by the Club President, the Board-President relationship is one of partnership.  Each Board Member’s active involvement is necessary for the continued success of the organization, as a whole. 

Treasurer - Russ Kamphuis

Cell (920) 539-6363

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Secretary - Lamar Troutman

Cell (831) 224-6417

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Director - Ed Karnes

Cell (520) 279-1521

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Director - Lezlie Lang

Cell (651) 353-2291

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