2019 BOD Election

  Voting Deadline!!!  All ballots must be received by the Board of Directors by 5 PM on Saturday

March 09, 2019 in order to be counted.

  2019 BAJA Board of Directors Election Headquarters  

2019 BAJA Board of Directors'-elect


I have had tremendous support from so many people in BAJA, from fellow bowlers, softball players and fellow grounds-crew to the BAJA Ambassadors and Board members.  I want to be on the BAJA Board of Directors to give our Bowling League a voice plus to help keep BAJA a great club and to do my part in making it even better and more fun.

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I like the whole concept of BAJA Sporting Club.  Besides supporting the community through various charity events, they bring people together from around the country as well as Canada to promote friendships through their various structured activities.  I’m hoping to bring fresh ideas to the group of BAJA Directors and do my part in keeping BAJA strong.

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Each Board Member (Director) will support the core purpose, vision and mission of BAJA Sporting Club, Inc. (the Club) by providing mission-based leadership, fiduciary oversight, and strategic governance.  


While day-to-day BAJA operations are coordinated by the Club President, the Board-President relationship is one of partnership.  


Each BAJA Board Member’s active involvement is necessary for the continued success of the organization, as a whole.