2020 BOD Election

  Voting Deadline!!!  All ballots must be received by the Board of Directors by 5 PM on Saturday

March 21, 2020 in order to be counted.

  2020 BAJA Board of Directors Election Headquarters  

2020 BAJA Board of Directors Candidates

I want to be on the BAJA Board to assist BAJA to grow and continue to benefit its members and the local community.  I want to be part of the team that assists in the completion of Canoa Preserve Park and, specifically, the Chuck Catino Softball Complex.  I am a fun loving, sarcastic pain but am focused and get goals accomplished successfully while being the best dressed softball player in southern Arizona.

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Craig Burgess

Regarding softball specifically, I believe I have ideas to contribute in the development and layout of the 3rd softball field and parking and that this cooperative relationship with Pima County is yet another unique and tremendous opportunity for our club.  I bring an important perspective from the Catino League as well as female softball players.  I will work to understand and promote the goals of our BAJA Ambassadors, Bowlers, Golfers, Canoa Preserve Park, etc..

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Wendy Constantine

Each Board Member (Director) will support the core purpose, vision and mission of BAJA Sporting Club, Inc. (the Club) by providing mission-based leadership, fiduciary oversight, and strategic governance.  


While day-to-day BAJA operations are coordinated by the Club President, the Board-President relationship is one of partnership.  


Each BAJA Board Member’s active involvement is necessary for the continued success of the organization, as a whole. 

I have a can-do attitude and a reputation for being good under pressure.

I would like to help BAJA move forward and also to have a voice for the Haven Golf Group on the BAJA Board of Directors.

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Bill Jank

The leadership positions I've held in my career all required the ability to listen, learn, question, plan, make decisions, follow through, coordinate and communicate clearly.  I would like to be a member of the BAJA Board of Directors and use my experience to be a part of the continued healthy growth of BAJA Sporting Club.

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Greg Rawlings

Greg Rawlings