BAJA Pickleball 'Proposed'

Proposed BAJA-GVR Lease Agreement


BAJA Sporting Club, Inc. (BAJA) has proposed a Lease Agreement to GVR for specified access to GVR pickleball courts.

Under the 'basic' terms of the proposed lease agreement, BAJA will pay the full cost of four (4) additional pickleball courts during Phase I construction of the planned 24-court Pickleball Center to ensure that GVR can again host the Southern Arizona Senior Games pickleball tournament beginning in 2020. All courts will be owned by GVR.  In exchange, BAJA asks for access to GVR pickleball courts-only for a limited number of ‘non-GVR member’ BAJA Members during the term of Agreement.

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Target = $85,000

Pledges through 8/5/2019

$8,300 (+ $8,300 matching contribution) = $16,600