In 1996 a committee of interested softball players from the Green Valley Arizona area started meeting to review and discuss the viability of forming a team sports group.  Many of the members of the committee, at that time, had played and/or coached competitive sports in high school, college, or the military.  They foresaw the growing need for an organized sports club which would give recreational direction on a continuing basis for the rapidly growing senior community in the greater Green Valley Arizona region.


In 1998, the BAJA Sporting Club was formally organized as a non-profit organization in Arizona.  The members of the original committee were Jim Kelly (the first President), Ivan Allison, Chuck Catino, Ray Fleener, Mickey Green, Jim Carr, and John Fawcett. BAJA now respectfully refers to this group of visionaries as the club's "Founding Fathers".


BAJA membership historically has served the greater Green Valley-Sahuarita area in assisting with local civic programs, charitable events, little league (umpiring), roadside cleanup, Habitat for Humanity, local food banks, and many more. BAJA membership is a compassionate group of active seniors who are constantly willing to contribute to the community.



To assist active seniors in the greater Green Valley Arizona region to maximize their retirement years by providing members the "Best in Sports" programs, recreational, & social activities.  To assist the greater community of southern Pima County's Green Valley area by assisting with charitable events and local civic programs.



To be recognized as the "Best Senior Sports Club" in southern Pima County by providing quality opportunities for its members to compete and participate in senior sports plus social-civic activities and programs.



a. Dedicated to providing "legendary" organized recreational and social-civic activities for active senior members based upon core values of diversity, dignity and respect.

b. Maintain a focused commitment by developing new social and recreational programs to further improve the diverse life styles of its members.

c. Continually select and train a team of members who are interested and capable in long range planning, managing, and promoting the BAJA Sporting Club.

d. All members are empowered to develop and promote good sportsmanship and demonstrate exemplary citizenship in all of BAJA's activities.



a. To keep an open door for all senior families in the greater Green Valley-Sahuarita area wishing to join and actively promote and support BAJA's Mission, Vision, and Values.

b. To obtain the year-round use of sports complexes from public recreational departments to help meet growing needs of BAJA's members.

c. To maintain BAJA as an incorporated non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors / executive committee to ensure BAJA's game plan will be professionally executed.

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