Golf Tips - Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!!!

Ron's Passive Golf Method is about rotating the core of your body and following the eye line through the swing. Not only will you become more powerful, you will become much more consistent in your accuracy, based on the fact that you will no longer have to have impeccable hand and arm timing to try and square the clubface at impact with the hands and the arms. By using the core muscles you will not only deliver the club to the ball with power, your bigger muscles will allow the club to square to the ball by rotating through the ball versus what we all have a tendency to do which is swinging at the ball.

Slowpitch Softball Hitting Tips - Stance

What stance should you use in slowpitch softball?  As one person that viewed this video wrote, "Thanks for bringing light to the timing issue for me.  I typically stand further back away from the plate assuming I could get my arms extended but still making contact towards the handle.  Looks like I need to maybe meet the ball a little further out front."

Denny Crine Slowpitch Softball Hitting Tips

Denny Crine goes over his bat grip, hitting technique and the type of bat he uses for games.   Also, practice waiting on outside pitches to drive to the opposite field.  When you can produce hard line drives to the opposite field, you'll have much more success driving in runs than hitting hard line drives to the pull side.

Free Bowling Tips - A Must See!

This video focuses on tips to help you learn how to hold the bowling ball like a pro!  There are many other free bowling tips once this video has finished playing.